How to Protect your Workplace from Toner Pirates.

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Toner Pirates and scammers have been around for decades and its easy to be fooled by them. They call and ask you for your printer, copier, office equipment information and then send you the toner with or without your approval. They then send an invoice for a overpriced toner and extreme amount. By this time you have already used the toner sent thinking its from your office equipment provider or the one you actually ordered.

How to Protect your Workplace from Toner Pirates

There is 3 types of Toner Pirates and Scam Scenarios.

  1. Someone calls pretending to be your current provider, and asks for your model, serial number make, and the name of the person who orders the toner. They may even ask you who your service provider or toner vendor or account number.
  2. Another Scenario is a person calling you pretending to be your copier provider stating there’s a toner increase, and you must order toner, ink or paper immediately.
  3. The 3rd scenario maybe someone who has hacked your accounts and already knows what toners or machines you have and sends you toner without warning, and then follows with an invoice for an extreme amount.


There are many ways to avoid these scams.

  1. Make one central person in charge of ordering toners, requests service, and only order supplies, printers, office equipment from one vendor. This makes it easier to track orders, calls, and understand costs when purchasing or renewing your copier, print, office equipment lease or rental.
  2. Educate your employees about these types of scams and make sure no one gives information about current equipment. Most office equipment dealers have control of the equipment they service and provide supplies with an ID number that isnt the serial, model, or make of machine to help decrease this type of fraud and protect their client’s information and their own.
  3. Ask for the name of the person calling and a call back number. Usually, they will hang up. If they don’t google the number and you will find if it’s a scam because others have reported it.
  4. Pick an office equipment company who is Local, and know who your assigned representative is, so if you do have any doubts, you know who you need to ask for or call. Your Account manager will guide you in the right direction and ensure you if the call is a scam.
  5. Do not open any toners that do no come directly from your office equipment dealer, or online store you order from.


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If you do become a victim of toner scams please report them to any of the following:


BTA (Business Technology Association) 

Business Technology Association
12411 Wornall Rd
Ste 200
Kansas City, MO 64145

Better Business Bureau 

File a complaint online.


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