Ricoh Products

Ricoh Printers

Ricoh is a brand of laser printers that offers anyone the possibility of having an all-in-one printer, with excellent print quality, to be able to carry out their daily tasks at a very affordable price.

Barlop Business Systems is an official Ricoh distributor and that is why we can offer you this type of product at very competitive prices. In addition, our team is made up of professionals specialized in Ricoh printers who will help you to get a clear idea about the model that best adapts to your needs.


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Ricoh Toner

Ricoh Toner is a high-quality product that you have been looking for. With a capacity of up to 25,000 pages and a very low price, it is the best option for your printing needs. This toner is an all-in-one cartridge that includes black and cyan toner. You can save money and space by choosing this product.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What does Ricoh do?

Ricoh is a Japanese company that manufactures Ricoh products such as printers, copiers, digital cameras and other electronic and technological products. Ricoh is a leader in digital services, using innovative technologies that make it easier for people to work smarter with Ricoh products.



How much does a Ricoh photocopier consume?

The power consumption of a Ricoh photocopier, one of the Ricoh products, depends on the model and mode of operation. For example, the Ricoh IM C4500 photocopier consumes less than 1,584 W in print mode, 0.59 W in standby mode and 0.512 kWh per week according to the TEC value. The TEC value is measured based on the ENERGY STAR Ver.3.0 test method for Ricoh products.

How long does a Ricoh toner last?

A Ricoh toner, another example of Ricoh products, can last a long time if stored properly and moisture is avoided. Toner does not expire like ink, but degrades over time due to wear and tear on other components of the cartridge. The manufacturer usually indicates an expiration date for toner, but this is not critical to its performance. However, using old toner may void the printer's warranty if it causes damage to Ricoh products.

How many prints does a Ricoh toner yield?

The yield of a Ricoh toner varies depending on the capacity of the cartridge, the print settings, the type of documents and the number of prints made. Manufacturers provide estimates of the number of pages that can be printed with a specific toner cartridge, based on 5% print coverage on an A4 sheet. For example, the standard black toner for the Ricoh MP C3503 copier, one of the best-selling Ricoh products, can print up to 29,500 pages. However, this number may change if you print with more coverage, more color or higher quality with Ricoh products.